Monday, January 4, 2016

Let Full On January Begin!

Monday is a Rest Day, Halelujiah.

Yesterday I got my 6 mile run done on the treaddy - but I waited til after Church thinking that I would be able to do it outdoors...nope.  So - I missed my swim, but I'll not be beating myself up for that.  No sir.  Also, a run that late in the day followed by sitting in my rocking chair made for some really sore legs in the night and today.  Just getting old, I guess.

Susan holding Stella being kissed by Cameron
I did manage to get a run in on Friday morning before we left for Kansas City, but needless to say - I wasn't feeling a Saturday morning long bike after staying in a hotel room Friday night.  The beds were super comfy and the place was quiet - but our 8 year old had a hard time settling down.  Couple that with her sharing a bed with our 13 year old aaaand you have a short and restless nights sleep.

We had a good time seeing my sister and two nieces, though.  I was really glad to get the cousins together.  I have a whole gaggle of cousins that I don't really know very well.  Also, my other siblings kids and my kids didn't really ever get to know each other, so I'd like to change that with these cousins.

Ya gotta make an effort with these things.

Yesterday was pretty hard on me.  Still having issues with our oldest son.  It gets easier to take and you begin to understand that it really isn't your fault no matter what they tell you.  But, I can't help but be deeply saddened.  I have been doing well at not internalizing these things - but I've been extremely prone to migraines and now have two lovely cold sores to show how NOT stressed out I am about all this.

In any case - just trying to keep my head above the waves.  Having a fitness and nutrition goal is tremendously helpful.  My 20 week Half Ironman plan begins on January 17th.  I've joined a healthy living support group on FaceBook to help me stay accountable and motivated.  I have plenty of love and prayers support.  I just need to make sure I squash any and all negative self-talk.

Easy, right?

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