Thursday, December 31, 2015

What I Learned from The Sky People

Thinking It's Thursday Workouts

30ish minutes of weights from the Tri-Power book.
30 minutes on the bike - indoor trainer.  And HOW many miles did I cover after I entered the correct wheel size??  About 30% more!  Glad I fixed that little issue.

When I ride and run inside in the winter, I often work my way through a series on Netflix.  Currently, I'm working on Continuum and The 100.  The 100 is a Sci-Fi series that centers around a group of 100 young people that are basically incarcerated on a space station.  The earth has long been abandoned due to radiation contamination.  The elders decide that the earth might be viable again and - to save oxygen on the aging space station - they send the 100 to check it out.

Most of the 100 are ages 15 to 19 (though the beards on some of the boys say they are much older...)  It's been interesting to see how the conflicts and hardships they endure on the earth "age" them.  The main character is a smart, beautiful young woman named Clarke who is supposed to be about 18.

If I squint real hard I could imagine myself to have an 18 year old...oh wait...I almost do. :)

So this begins my transformation in how I look at television.  Where Clarke used to be someone I would look up to, maybe even look to for hair or makeup - possibly clothing - standards, now it's her mother - Abby.  In the series, Abby is the Medical Doctor on the space station.  She is on the ruling counsel and even becomes Chancellor as the series progresses.
"Abby" Paige Turco
"Clarke" Eliza Taylor

I have realized, lately, that I no longer relate with Clarke.  I no longer float in a weird "I have children, but they are little and not like that" gray area.  I, now, fully relate with Abby.  My older children are young adults.  My son will leave in June to pursue his career in the United States Navy.  My oldest daughter looks a whole lot like Clarke.


On the show, today, Abby (the Mom) had a tough decision to make and ultimately went against what the majority of the people thought and sided with Clarke (the teen).  I know, I'm a huge dork, but I got a little misty, a little choked up and a little proud when Abby said "I trust my daughter!"  Did the situation work out?  Yes, and no.  Just like real life.  Except in real life we aren't crash landed on earth and at war with the indigenous people group while 47 of our young people are trapped by psycho hyper-evolved humans who want to drain their bone marrow so that they can live on the surface again.

But almost.

Well, how was that for some rambling, eh?  Hope everyone has a safe New Year.  Try not to do anything you wouldn't normally do, and might regret.

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