Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wednesday and I'm Still a Dork

What, it's Wednesday Already!? Workout

60 mintues on the bike - indoor trainer.  And just how many miles did I cover in that hour?  10.9...what!?  Really, that's it?  Garmin says I burned 525 calories in that hour.  11mph is like la-dee-dah lets go for a nice relaxing bike ride - not a 500 calorie per hour sweatfest!

Why do I tell you this?  Well - I tell you this because I figured out what a huge dork I am and why, after months of consistent workouts and better nutrition, why I am actually getting slower on the bike.


Back in the Fall, I finally got enough saved up for a new Garmin.  I was rocking the 310XT with it's beautiful 1/2" thick orange and gray face and monochrome display for two years.  Two years of a GPS enabled multi-sport watch that you can't wear anywhere else because it's SO DANG BIG.
The 310XT - functional, but huge.

So the lovely day occurred when I got the white faced watch with optional purple strap and I proceeded to configure the data screens and pair the bluetooth equipment and we went out running and swimming and biking and it was lovely.

Shortly after, I got very sick with cellulitis in my leg.  :(  Super Sad Face.  If you don't know what cellulitis is, look it up.  I'm not kidding when I say that I could have died.  It's basically a skin infection that goes septic.  I was on two different antibiotics + pain meds and I didn't work a whole day for 2 weeks.

By the time I got better, it was way time for the bike to be on the trainer for the winter.  I know, I know, there are other people that ride outside all winter.  But that is not me.  I don't like riding in the dark and I don't have the gear for the colder days.  So, I paired up my speed and cadence sensor and away I rode...well, I stayed in one place spinning my back wheel.

I noticed right away that I wasn't getting the mileage out of my effort and I figured it was because I had been sick.  Also, on the trainer, there's no hills to zoom down and it's a leeeeetle boring, so I tend to be slower.  But 50% slower?  Hmm...ok, time to get in shape, right?

Well, time has gone on now, and I have been very consistent with my workouts and *mostly* consistent with my nutrition (we shall go for very consistent after the first of the year).

This morning I figured it out!  OH MY QUAD.

When I configured my new Garmin VivoActive, I didn't put in the wheel size when I paired the speed and cadence sensor!!

Well.  I'm glad I got that figured out.  What a dork.  If all of that means absolutely nothing to you - that's ok.  Just understand that I have been building a tremendous amount of bike fitness with very little encouragement.   Sort of like running on a treadmill that's clocking you a lot slower than you're running so you run harder and harder to try to make it up.

So I fixed it and am anxious to see if it makes any difference, I just slow on the bike trainer!  Either way - I'll be super BikeFit by the time Spring rolls around!

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