Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Nice Stroke

Tuesday - Run Speedwork Day - One mile super easy, increase treadmill speed by 2 clicks every half mile, one mile super easy.  4 miles total.

Got up and did my run this morning, though, I would have rather not. :)  I got back from the pool about 8:15 last night and it felt like I hadn't really slept yet.  I slept pretty well for once, but bed at 10 -- hubby's alarm at 4 -- mine at 5 -- you know how it goes!

Last night's swim was largely drill and technique work.  I take my 12yo daughter and she kicks like crazy with the kick board and makes me try to keep up!  A family was swimming in the lane next to us, so of course I started talking to the Mom.  She had a beautiful stroke and I figured she was a life long swimmer.  She offered to look at me swim and offered some valuable advice on drills and dry land exercises to help improve my stroke.

She also said I had a "pretty nice stroke".  Boy oh boy did that bolster my self confidence!

Photo from Clifbar.com
This morning, I tried one of the new products I got in my ProBox from The Feed.  Yesterday, I wrote briefly about my home made recovery drink.  Today, I tried one from the makers of Clif Bars.   This reminded me a lot of the Beach Body Recovery Drink.  It's Orange Mango flavor was just right on the sweetness spectrum.

The packet itself had about 170 calories, so I mixed it with water.  It had a little more carbs than I get in my formula, but less protein.  At $2.99/serving, it is most definitely out of budget for a daily supplement, but the individual packet might be nice on the go.

Well, I've got a Kindergartener home, sick, from school today.  Along with my daycare kids, I have to be on top of my game today.

Thankfully, this evening, we don't have anything to do and I don't have a workout scheduled.  I need to clean Cameron's room...ugh...and I told Alahnnah I would help her with some Christmas gifts.  Never a dull moment, that's for sure!

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