Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Nice Stroke

Tuesday - Run Speedwork Day - One mile super easy, increase treadmill speed by 2 clicks every half mile, one mile super easy.  4 miles total.

Got up and did my run this morning, though, I would have rather not. :)  I got back from the pool about 8:15 last night and it felt like I hadn't really slept yet.  I slept pretty well for once, but bed at 10 -- hubby's alarm at 4 -- mine at 5 -- you know how it goes!

Last night's swim was largely drill and technique work.  I take my 12yo daughter and she kicks like crazy with the kick board and makes me try to keep up!  A family was swimming in the lane next to us, so of course I started talking to the Mom.  She had a beautiful stroke and I figured she was a life long swimmer.  She offered to look at me swim and offered some valuable advice on drills and dry land exercises to help improve my stroke.

She also said I had a "pretty nice stroke".  Boy oh boy did that bolster my self confidence!

Photo from Clifbar.com
This morning, I tried one of the new products I got in my ProBox from The Feed.  Yesterday, I wrote briefly about my home made recovery drink.  Today, I tried one from the makers of Clif Bars.   This reminded me a lot of the Beach Body Recovery Drink.  It's Orange Mango flavor was just right on the sweetness spectrum.

The packet itself had about 170 calories, so I mixed it with water.  It had a little more carbs than I get in my formula, but less protein.  At $2.99/serving, it is most definitely out of budget for a daily supplement, but the individual packet might be nice on the go.

Well, I've got a Kindergartener home, sick, from school today.  Along with my daycare kids, I have to be on top of my game today.

Thankfully, this evening, we don't have anything to do and I don't have a workout scheduled.  I need to clean Cameron's room...ugh...and I told Alahnnah I would help her with some Christmas gifts.  Never a dull moment, that's for sure!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Don't Smash Your Face

Monday - Upper Body Strength Training & Swim Technique Work

I hadn't done P90X Shoulders & Arms for a while.  I love Tony Horton, I think he's really funny and his no-nonsense approach really gets me motivated.  His tip of the day was "breathe" but later in the workout, he joked that it was "don't smash your face."  I made the mistake last week with Legs & Back, thinking that I wasn't working especially hard and paying for it the next day.  And the next day.

After working out with Tony and the fabulous Dreya Weber I made sure to add some BCAA's to my recovery drink.  I have read the ingredients on a lot of recovery formulas and I'm confident that my home spun version is just as good and more easily adjusted to the intensity/duration of the workout I just finished.

Andrea's Recovery Drink
1c. 1% milk (1.5c for men)
1/2 scoop protein powder (1 full scoop for men)
10g of BCAA powder (15g for men)

Shake up and drink as fast as you can...because BCAA powder is incredibly bitter no matter what flavor they tell you it is.  You don't need the BCAA's every day - just after especially long or intense training sessions.

Haven't heard of Branched Chain Amino Acids?  They will totally change the way you recover from hard workouts.  This little supplement reduces the chemicals that are released when your muscles are damaged.  Ever heard of the DOMS?  Delayed onset muscle soreness?  That's the "holy crap I can't sit on the toilet" feeling you get after leg day.  BCAA's help reduce that tremendously by managing the damage you just did.  Damage is good -- actually -- because that's how you build mass and strength, but too much - too sore -  can't work out the next day - not so good.

So, hopefully I will be able to lift my arms to do some swimming later today.  I take my 12 year old daughter with me to help with technique work.  She kicks like crazy with the kick board, so it motivates me to keep up.  I have a pretty weak-sauce kick.

In between that time, just a bunch of laundry and trying to clean a 5 year old's room with a 22 month old's help.  Yep.  Should be a piece of cake.