Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Week That Followed

The week following our 70.3 triathlon was quite busy!  We participated with our church's Vacation Bible School program which ran from 6 to 8pm each night Sunday through Friday.  I didn't think we'd survive Sunday evening.  Thankfully, my legs were only sore in my hips -- poor David's feet where really really bothering him.

I was greatly surprised with the recovery after a half ironman.  I am a planner, and making a training plan to stick to is a tri-geek, joy for me.  My planning and training must have been adequate.  I felt tired this past week, but after Sunday's sore hips, I never did feel soreness in my legs or back.  I'm proud of my fitness!  I took the entire week off of any exercise at all and just let my body heal.  Dave has been riding his bike to/from work...glad I work from home!

Yesterday morning was beautiful -- I slept in until 8:00 and went for a run.  I ran a circuitous route that I hadn't done before and enjoyed a slow 5.4 miles in about 59 minutes.   I listened to some 70's classic rock and just was nice to sleep in, nice to feel rested(ish) and nice to run without any pacing requirements.  Today, David and I enjoyed a 29 mile bike ride together.  It was awesome!  I didn't push pace or worry that we weren't hitting our numbers.  Just God intended...LOL.

It was awesome until I wrecked...  Have you ever heard of anyone getting stuck in their front wheel?  Yah, me neither.  Oh, but, I did it!  We were going across an intersection in a residential neighborhood and my front tire hit a bad part of the sidewalk.  My cleat popped out of the pedal and my foot bounced forward and caught in my front wheel.  As the wheel continued to turn, my leg was fed up in between the frame and the tire.  I went down relatively softly on my right side.  In the middle of the street, naturally.  Everything is fine -- I will probably have a nice bruise to show for it tomorrow.  In the shape of a 23cm tire...

Glad I was riding with my body guard!

Last week, I went ahead and cut my calories way back.  I was getting around 1850-2000 during HIM training and managed to lose a paltry 6 pounds this year.  I am scaling back to 1550-1700 for the next 5 weeks until double half marathon training begins.  I've been hitting my numbers and seeing results.  Last week I didn't log any extra calories burned through workouts, so I'm hoping to see even better numbers this week.  I'd really like to lose 10 pounds in the next 5 weeks.   Weight loss will slow again during heavier training, so I gotta do it now!

Here's to a new week tomorrow!  I'm taking Liam to get his driver's license in the morning.  Prayers gratefully accepted. :)

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