Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Lincoln Mile

Susan participated in her very first race today!

The Lincoln Mile is a timed, one mile race through Campus in downtown Lincoln.  David ran with Susan and they had a blast!

Susan and Mom before the race.

Fun with the parking meter.
Time to RUN!

My little buddy waited patiently for sis.
A great race and a strong finish!

She races for cookies. :)  Smart kid!
 I was so incredibly proud of her! I almost cried when they came in to finish and the announcer read her name over the speaker.  Silly, right?  Well, she's my baby girlie and I can be silly if I wanna.

The race was super well organized, as always, and the Lincoln Track Club did a stupendous job of honoring every runner of every age and ability.  This was another run in the Kids Grand Prix.  As an additional event with the adult runs, they organize a kids fun run on about 7 events through the season.  The kids even get a prize at the end.  Yay!

As for my training - I was pretty pooped today.  I underestimated the impact of a three hour workout.  I slept like a rock (partly due to the pain pill I took for my back!).  My body was extremely unhappy about 2:20 on the bike.  Sheesh.  I was happy to wake up feeling better this morning and even better as the day progressed.

My friends were praying.  I could feel it!

This afternoon, I did some speed intervals on my treadmill.  It was 94F outside, so there was no way I was doing them outside.  I experimented with walking the recoveries and had a much better experience.  My speed intervals were able to be pushed even faster. back didn't hurt at all during the run!

Tomorrow is leg day...EEEPS!

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