Monday, July 1, 2013

Season Two in Triathlon

Since the Marathon Fail, I haven't done much structured training.

Or writing.

Or anything but working out and feeling sorry for myself.

I did start a weight training program and have stuck with that - so I haven't been doing nothing.

No races, though, and not much running.  This year we had to pare back on the race entries.  It gets expensive!  When two people are involved, it gets really pricey.  So, we picked 3 events we were both really interested in and just paid for those.

Last weekend, David rode in 5/500 with his brother.  And without me.  My body is a big wuss and I had a bad back flare the weeks leading up to our Century Ride.  I didn't get my training in and I didn't feel anywhere near ready to ride.

And I didn't feel like it.  Frankly, I have felt pretty depressed since May.  I try to ignore it, but just last weekend I realized that I was in a pit.  I'd been digging it slowly and it was time to climb out.

I made a decision to suck it up and get over it as much as possible when we started training for Last Blast this week.  It will be our first Oly Tri done together in September.  We've both completed the distance previously, but never competed it.

Here's to my second season in Tri!  Woo-hoo!!

The training plan that we are following is in the "intermediate" category on Garmin's website (totally free by the way) and had us doing  17 miles on the bike followed by a 3 mile run brick workout the very first Saturday.  I was a little skeptical about my fitness level as I haven't done any bricks since last fall.  I was pleasantly surprised with myself.  

I guess all that running during January through May was worth something.

I'm excited to have a goal to shoot for, though I still feel somewhat "meh" about things in general.  It takes time.  To be so excited and prepared for something and then to just not be allowed to continue...just can't tell you how that feels.  Makes my chest hurt still when I think about it.

Shifting the focus to my sore as all get out legs.  I think tomorrow's long run is going to be cussing today's leg focused weight training.  I did get a little swim in tonight to keep moving - about half pull sets.  

Time for a little snooze - I need like 9 hours of sleep these days!

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