Sunday, July 14, 2013

I Be the (wo)Man with the Plan

Another great way to keep costs down when feeding your family is to meal plan.  I have been collecting recipes for years from places like SavingDinner, Cooking Light Magazine, and friends and family.  Each week I sit down on Friday and plan 6 suppers to have during the following week.  I shop on Friday evenings to ensure that I have all of the ingredients on hand.

I don't bother planning around weekly sale ads.  My sale shopping is usually done in bulk, like when frozen vegetables or pasta or cheese goes on sale, I buy 20-30 units.  We have about 15 recipes that I rotate over and over with 5 new ones from magazines or pintrest or whatever thrown in there each month.

I won't lie to you.  I really hate doing the meal planning.  And the shopping.  But I love the cooking.  And I love being able to write on the board what we are having for dinner each night.

This week we will have chicken, ground buffalo, tofu, and turkey kielbasa.  The ground buffalo came from a friend - now that's a good friend.  I love making fried tofu stirfry...the kids fight over who got the most pieces of tofu in their bowl.  It's that good.

Saturday - Skillet Lasagna.  Sort of like my version of Hamburger Helper...only with spinach and grated zucchini and no hamburger...

Grated zucchini disappears in ground beef/turkey
Sunday - Peppers & Pasta. Really just a toss together of pepper slices, turkey kielbasa and some pasta.  Put a little cheese on it, good to go.

Monday - Tofu & Broccoli Stirfry.  The bokchoy was looking really sad this week, so we'll just have broccoli and onions as the veggies.  Ces't la vie.

Tuesday - Meat & Potato Casserole.  Must figure out how to make this one in the skillet.  Turning the oven on in the summer is so counter productive and a waste of energy.  Will most likely sneak grated zucchini into the meat mixture.

Wednesday - Orange/Molasses Glazed Chicken.  Probably do foil packets on the grill for this one and boil some potatoes and of course, have zucchini.

Thursday - Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas.  We'll see if there's a cool-ish day this week for this one...or maybe I'll make the filling and we'll have them as burritos instead to avoid the oven.

Friday - FFY.  That's Fend For Yourself.  *grin*  Usually we tidy up the leftovers or have PB&J's on Friday.  It's also store night, so there's nothing left to eat in the house!
Home grown zucchini smile!

As long as the world keeps spinning and the plants keep growing, this is what we'll be eating.  I usually have to make a trip to the store on Tuesday for apples, bananas and milk...sometimes eggs.  Myself, my husband and our oldest son eat eggs for breakfast every single day.  I like to eat 3 whites and a whole.  More protein and less fat that way.

As for training, this week looks to be a little lighter.  Week 4 of training for Last Blast Y Tri and we get a little break.  I even saw a run labeled "easy."  One week is as far ahead as I'm willing to look.  I survived the leg heavy week - so I can do anything.  Right?

Have a great week, and share some recipes with me, okay?

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