Thursday, July 11, 2013

Buckets of Sweat

Do you know your sweat rate?  Walking, running, and biking outside in the heat of summer takes special care.  Knowing the amount that you sweat (and need to drink to replenish) in certain training conditions throughout the year is good info.

After a very sweaty run.
As for me.  I sweat.  A LOT.  I'll tell you a little known secret...I actually wear Men's antiperspirant because I sweat buckets just day-to-day living.  I've tried all the "clinical strength" ones for women.  Nope.  I need one strong enough for a man and made for one, to.

I know that I'm a sweaty beast, so I try to stay hydrated and just drink as much as I can without sloshing when I run and bike.  I've wondered if maybe I shouldn't be eating some salt tablets on runs and bikes over an hour or so.  I'm not a Gatorade drinker, usually.  Too many calories for shorter rides/runs.

For giggles, I measured my sweat rate tonight.  It's fairly un-scientific.  Weight before, run for an hour, weight after, take the difference and convert to ounces.  Oh, and add any liquid you drank on the run.

Tonight it was 85F and 40% humidity.  Here's my numbers:

Difference in weight was: 2.8lbs (!!)
Converted to ounces: 44.8
Add 12oz that I drank on the run: 56.8

So my sweat rate is 56.8 ounces per hour.  Dang.  Feels good to be good at something.  Aw, yeah.  Feels real good.

Susan is pretty good at making mud pies.  I supplied the water. We had already played at the park for a couple of hours this the sand box.  So what do I care if she gets a little dirty-er.  :)

Besides, she's so darn cute when she's happy. Don't worry, I gave her a bath.  I'm sure we'll do it all over again tomorrow anyhow.  At least I hope!

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  1. Sweat and dirt are both worthwhile. All washes off in the shower or tub. As long as you enjoy, that's all that matters! Glad you both had a good day!