Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Fun Day

Some days, I have everything planned out - then I wake up and remember this and that and finally recall that it's not about me.  Today was one of those days.  Schedules get so tight on the weekends, that if an outside party changes plans, we generally have to chuck our initial plans.  Such was today.  

Still - we got to church, got fed, and got our rides in.  I even got to Menards for gardening supplies ($13) and made my little pepper and tomato plants happier.  They were out growing their little egg carton homes.  My bike ride was okay.  It seems folks are not used to watching for cyclists, yet, this Spring.  I stayed on the bike paths 90% of my ride and still risked being creamed twice.  *sigh*

My ride made me think of this:

All of that aside - I came home to a sweet little boy on his bike for the first time.  My husband cleared our garden plot AND taught Cameron to ride his bike while I was gone.  Over achiever.

I just love this.  They get big and "ride away."

Gotta check your equipment before you take off!

Cutie patoot-ie!
And, because my life isn't complete without Susan being a ham-bone:

I pray you all have a great week!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Busy Days Keep Me out of Trouble

 What a wonderful day in the neighborhood.  It started and ended with our beautiful children - biological and otherwise.  We had a play date, went to a birthday party, and wrapped it up by celebrating the years achievements of our church kids at the AWANA awards service and carnival.

I also had a terrible run this morning - but that's really not worth talking about.  These things are more important:

Susan on her way to Rafiella's birthday party.  It was so cute to see her interact with her classmates and so very nice to chat with the Ortiz Family.  Good, hard working people.

Alahnnah finished her year 3 Truth & Training book.  Thanks to our wonderful AWANA Commander, Sandi.  It seems like if someone else in authority pushes her just a little, Alahnnah will do what's necessary.  Not all of us are born self-motivated.  I think it can be learned.

Susan completed her first year Sparks Handbook.  She was so close, and thanks to Sandi, we got it done.  It's hard when the kids can't read.  They can't study on their own at all...and when Mom gets busy, things don't get done!

Little Cameron got an award for completing his first book. :) The Cubbies are so amazingly cute.  *sigh*  They grow up so fast!  Our little buddy, Dylan, from daycare got his award also.  I'm so happy that his Mom started taking him to club.  I hope that they start coming on Sunday mornings, too.  

Speaking of amazingly cute...  That's our little Sue-Sue!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Gearing Up

Just taped up my knee.  

Bought groceries tonight which included special purchase of bagels, chocolate milk, fruit yogurt, graham crackers, orange juice, granola bars, and wheat thins.

Wondering what this years t-shirt will look like, going out for only easy runs and praying I don't trip over my own feet in the next couple of days and hurt myself.

Yep - it's race week!

But this year, it's especially special.  This year, I am running my very first Marathon.  Twenty-six miles, three-hundred-eighty-five yards of running goodness.  I won't be fast.  I will finish.  Fankly, I'm amazed that I made it through training.  

I really like running.  But I didn't especially like training for a Marathon.  I trained for and ran several halfs - but the Marathon is a totally different animal.  I never hurt like I hurt for this training.  When an ice-bath is a REWARD - you know things have gone terribly wrong!

My family has been absolutely fantastic during training.  David has taken on more of the weekend shuttling, cleaning, directing and feeding than any man should.  My children actually think that ice baths are normal and that there really IS a hook in my rocking chair that manifests itself on Saturday afternoon.

I am excited to run my race and get my medal.  I plan to enjoy each and every mile.  I can then put a check in the box on the Bucket List and move on.  I will be very happy to start training for a Century Ride and a late season Olympic Distance Triathlon.

Mostly, I will be happy to have it over with.

Race day is May 5th - follow me HERE.  My bib number is #1025.  Or better yet - come out and shout for me along Normal Blvd between 11 and 12:00.  I want to see some creative signage and somebody better hand me a beverage!

Long may we run!!