Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Not So Very Long Ago

I'm a fan of persistence.  Forward motion.  Not stopping, even when you stumble, fall down, get run over by the bus/wagon, and have to stand up again.

Being successful doesn't involve being charmed, or having natural ability.  Success isn't given.  Victory cannot be purchased.  No, most times its the quantitative effort of many years or even a life time of effort.

I, recently, ran across this post entitled A Long Way Back.  This was the first time I had run again after a very long, very *heavy* pregnancy with our 4th child.  It was my first continuous run, again, after many months of run/walking and losing about 30lbs.

Reading this post, I could remember this day as clearly as if it were yesterday!  Here's what struck me most:

- I weighed 190lbs at the time.  I am 5'4" and that's a lot for me.

- That weight was back to where I started when I had gotten pregnant.

- This was the first I had run a full mile.  I had done a progressive run/walk program all winter on the treadmill.

- I remember my son being with me, on his bike, and a man in the park asking me if we were going to run today! :)  I remember telling him that we were going to *try* to do 2 miles.  I felt sheepish for the small amount, but this nice, older man was very impressed.

It was wonderful to be transported back in time by my previous posting.  I can remember the day, the weather, my oldest son being with me, how I felt, the victory dance afterward... Furthermore, it was amazing to see my progress.  I tend to get tired and stuck and think "why the heck am I doing this, again!?"

But here I am, training for my first Marathon.  I am now, a triathlete and have completed both Sprint and Olympic distances.  I am not fast.  I sometimes cry after speedwork.  I take odd days off here and there because I "just can't do it today."

Through persistence, I have become a woman that the one in April of 2010 didn't know about quite yet.  No natural talent, I promise you that!  Blessings, yes.  But talent?  No.

So keep going.  Keep planning your work and working your plan.  Keep cutting away at that big stone in front of you.  Persistence trumps strength every time.

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