Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday Something Else

Today I basked in the glow of my training comfort zone.  I ran 12 miles in the wee morning hours (on the treadmill, where's my Bucky Beaver Badge?) and next week is a low mileage week where my long run will be six.  In two weeks, my long run will be 14 miles.  My longest run *ever* is 13.1 miles.  I'm scared, now.  My only hope is that I can do the remainder of the long ones out doors.

Distance running always surprises me.  Your body is so amazingly resilient and adapts "on the run."  My left hip played games for a couple of miles and then stopped.  My left knee that whined and fussed last week didn't say a word.  I stopped to change the movie that was playing after I had run about 8 miles.  I wasn't stopped more than 90 seconds.  In that time, my feet had a strange reaction and my first few steps back on the treadmill felt like they were ballooned to double!  It was disturbing and painful for about a mile - and then I was okay.  So weird!

I was tired by the end but the distance wasn't unreasonable for me. I ran slowly and walked for one minute at the beginning of each mile. I tried not to think about the fact that my current goal distance is more that double of what I did today.  No reason to worry - I will be ready.  I hope.

My poor, sweet husband is having a slight delay in his spring training.

WARNING:  This is a link to a picture of his stitches.  Ouchie Foot Pic Here

After a very early morning long run, grocery shopping, and then cheering our 3rd - 6th graders on at Bible Quiz all afternoon, David took pity on me and whipped up a casserole for our hungry family while I put my feet up.  He went to get the casserole dish out and a glass pie plate fell out and hurt him.

I looked out to the kitchen just in time to see a terrible amount of blood.  Eight stitches later, we managed to come home and un-scare the kids and un-murder scene the kitchen.

Good grief.  If he was jealous about all the medical attention I've been getting lately, this was SO not the way to deal with his feelings.


Another week, another medical visit!

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