Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Laughing Kids, Generosity & Swollen Nodes

Oh - and Jalapeno Cheetos.   But I digress...

Tonight at AWANA it struck me what a joy it is to hear a child laugh.  After a day of taking care of other people's kids, it's sometimes difficult to *want* to go and do it some more at church.  I'm always glad that I do - 100% of the time.  I walked in to Council Time and 3rd grade Sarah patted the seat next to her "Sit here, Miss Andrea!" she said.  My whole existence warms at an invitation like that!

After club, I was talking to a friend and she was dutifully listening to my recent news.  This sweet lady is always so good at listening - I sometimes walk away and feel badly that she got the full story.  Tonight she one upped even herself by pressing a grocery store gift card into the palm of my hand.  She said "It's not much, but maybe it'll help."  I just hugged her and said thank you.  What more can you do?  So humbling and yet makes me feel so important as a loved human at the same time.


On a less awesome note, I have another skin issue going on.  I have had these blisters on my finger since Sunday.  They seem to be getting worse no matter what I put on them - and the pain is distracting.  This morning I noticed that I have a lump on my inside elbow and that my armpit hurts on the same arm as the 'Stupid finger."

Lymph nodes?
The finger in question.
Not sure what to make of all this illness.  One bout of cellulitis is enough to make a girl cry.  But two, in the same leg and now a suspect finger?  Well, I can only assume that my body is rejecting all the quinoa, kale and rice milk and is demanding more beer and red meat!  Right!?

Oh well.  I think I will just ignore this finger thing for another week or so.  Who knows...and besides, I have 12 miles to do on Saturday.  After that - I can whine for a couple of days.  Two.  No more than that.  Got it?

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