Saturday, November 10, 2012

Swimming, Football, and Hair Dye

Hit up the pool for a swim this morning.  I love early morning swims when I don't have to work later or be anywhere specific.  I had some coffee and read my Bible a little before hand.  Good start.  Though I got to the pool without my swim cap and goggles.  Bad.  I had a spare swim cap in my bag - but every pair of googles that I own were in the bag we took to the Y last night for Family Swim.  Doh!  I asked the Lifeguard if there were any long un-claimed goggles in the lost and found and - behold - I had some to use.  They were super foggerific, but I didn't spit in them because they weren't mine!

Great form, obviously NOT me.
I was blessed to run into a fine swimmer and all around nice gal that I've met on a site called DailyMile.  She is such an inspiration.  I don't know that I would have kept up the swimming and known even what to work on if she hadn't been so encouraging.  Oh - and she's "not a runner" - but just completed her first Marathon.  Surrounding myself with successful people...maybe I will be successful!

Here in good 'ol Lincoln Nebraska, it was a sea of Red already.  I came out of the Y about 9am and there were tons of people sporting their Cornhusker Football gear, ready for a 2:30 game.  I've lived here all my life and never been to a game.  I did, however get to finish the Lincoln Half Marathon by running across the 50 yard line with my face on the JumboTron.  Jealous?  :)

Welp, came home and cleaned the house.  Set out some stuff for lunch and laced up for an easy 5 miles.  I am chasing my year end goal and have fallen a little behind.  I was doing 3 miles six days a week, but missed 3 days (9 miles) so I will add 2 miles per day for 4 days and 1 mile on the 5th day.  Makes perfect sense.

Or it would if my foot didn't hurt.

About a month ago, I thought that I had pounded my second metatrsal out of whack.  I massaged it back in to place and rested for a few days.  It's never been the same.  It hurts all the time, and I've taken to wearing tennis shoes in my home, because the wood floors hurt my foot!  I've taped it, iced it, rested it, and finally decided that I will just run on it!

In other news, I spent the bare minimum on groceries this week.  And you know what that means...yep. T-Bone Steaks for dinner!  I always save some steaks back from the Half Beef that we buy in the winter.  It helps to eat like Kings when times are lean.
I should really write these things down.

S'pose I will head off to the drug store to buy some hair dye.  Hair is officially too long and too non-blonde.  Wish I could remember what box this color came from!  It was perfect. :)

Have a great Saturday!

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  1. Must be in the air because I pulled out my box tonight also and gave myself such a fresh new look!!! :) Erica