Saturday, November 17, 2012

Meaning of Life Stuff

I used to laugh at people that "couldn't sleep in."  I loooove to sleep.  If it was my job, I would be top earner for Sleep, Inc.  I have been known to rise early, go for a workout, shower and come home only to get back in to bed til the kids woke up.  Girl can sleep.

Except lately.  Which I complain about incessantly.  So today started early which afforded me plenty of time to get much done on a fine Saturday.

Among other wonderful things today, I had one of the best runs as of late.  It was a typical Autumn day in Nebraska - 20mph south winds with gusts to 30mph.   I headed south into the wind, figuring on the wind pushing me back home.

It wasn't super pleasant at times, but all in all not to bad.  I had my music rocking and the weather was nice for November, for sure.  I went "the other way" on the trail that goes by our house.  One way goes through parks and trees and sweet little neighborhoods.  The other directions heads past Memorial Stadium, through downtown and around the zoo.
After my windy run today.

It seemed there was a football game fixing to start as I headed out.  Lots of folks to weave around on the trail - even had to go around some tailgaters!  My body felt strong and I took the pace easy.  Every song that came on was "the best song!" and by the time I got home, my foot didn't hurt any less but it sure didn't hurt any more than it has for the last month.

I figured out the meaning of life on my run.  For me, it's running.  Okay, if you want to get all deep and stuff - the meaning of my life is to worship God Almighty.  But if you're looking for a simpler, quantifiable, answer from this girl, it's RUNNING.

I'm not sure I've ever had a really bad run.  I've had ones where I didn't perform as well as I had wished or ones where the weather was icky or I hurt myself, but never had a run that made me think twice about lacing up again.  Running (well, at first walk/run intervals) has helped me loose lots and lots of weight, and has made my food choices seem more like fueling choices.  I love running almost as much as guacamole.  Almost.

Running never takes more than it gives.  It gives me time to think.  It gives me the ability to eat like I'm in my 20's when I'm clearly a little further down the metabolism trail.  Running gives me strong legs and a heart like a horse.  My resting heart rate is 43.  Chill.

Running only takes one thing.


I've got plenty of that.  Most folks say I should have been committed long ago!

So whatever gives you time to think and a strong body is worth pursuing.  I'm beginning to love swimming in the same way as running.  Sometimes we need to try new things to know what we like!  So get out there and try walking, cycling, swimming, or even running.  You will thank me for it!

See you in the loony bin!


  1. A resting heart rate of 43!? Holy moly!!

    I can't wait to get back to running and this post makes me want to even more!! Although when I am ready to run again there will likely be snow on the ground. Boo.

    Good for you for keeping up with the running...even through tailgaters lol! :)

  2. I've not been reading anyone for a while either - but unfortunately I have some free time lately...and less $$ so here we go. :(

    To be fair, the 43bpm is right away in the morning. If I have it taken at the doctors office it's more like 50bpm ;o)