Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Is It Friday Yet?

Workout today: Lower body weights, ab routine and a short swim.  It was hot and boring in the weight room and I went to the Y that caters to kids and older folks so the water in the pool was too warm.  Although, I gotta admit, I was in the mood for some soothing so I swam slow, longish sets and enjoyed feeling like it was recreation.

In other news:  Miss Susan lost her very first tooth today while eating...APPLESAUCE!  She was not impressed at first and was absolutely horrified that it was bleeding!!  Once we rinsed and she got to look at the tooth she felt better.

Susan sans tooth.
In school today, we talked about having a plan in life.  Our Bible story came from Luke 12 where Jesus tells the parable of the man who built the house and then couldn't finish because he ran out of money.  We made little "piggy" banks out of chip and formula cans - thanks to our friends for the donations!  The girls made one each for "tithe", "save" and "spend."  We also built towers out of blocks that I had set out and saw the importance of proper planning.

Aren't they precious? :)
I made a nice vegetarian recipe for supper and then went out to clean my bike.  I hadn't given my bike a good scrub since we did the 100 mile ride the end of June.  Cleaning my bike up gives me such a sense of accomplishment.  She looks so pretty and runs so smooth.  I'm planning on 30 or so road miles tomorrow, so it will be nice to go out on a clean ride.

Speaking of bikes...our 14yo son called to be picked up from school tonight after practice.  He rides his bike to school, but was really shot after football and asked to be retrieved.  No problem.  David went with him to grab his bike from the rack and it was GONE.  They slipped the lock off and left it there, taking the bike. 

The model of bike that was swiped. Grr...

I spend quite a little time on the bike trails of Lincoln.  I hope the thief does to.  Or I hope that he doesn't.  

God hasn't dealt with me on my anger issues for a while.  I think it might be time.  I've had professional issues in the last week that have really bothered me, now this.  I really feel like the irritation switch has moved from "Mild" to "Kick a Puppy".  I do a good job of coping with the day to day irritations.  But...things are piling up and it might be a good time to own it and chat about it to a friend.

Or go for a 2 hour bike ride all alone with lots of juicy hills and come home and fall down.  

Yah, that should work.

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