Friday, August 3, 2012


Did you ever hear a song and it takes you back in time?  The walls of reality are skewed, and you can see back to days gone by.  Maybe days that you are glad can't follow you.

Music was what drew me to Christ.  My soul just can't deny the melodies.  I want to sing at the top of my lungs - for better or worse!  I started listening to Christian music and some of it just turned the right dials in my heart.  Twisted them right off, thank you Kutless, Seventh Day Slumber and Thousand Foot Krutch.

What an amazing bridge between where I was and where He wanted me to be.  Music.  Woah.

Doing the crazy things that I do these days - I sometimes need some help to endure pain or just plain apathy.  Biking some miles and getting off the bike to run, without a training buddy or group can get a little lonely.  This is actually a good thing and builds - how you say? - mental toughness.

But when I "need" music, I like what my husband jokes with me as "angry music" when I run.  Something with lyrics that fight the power and turn it around, throw it on the ground and stomp on it a little.  Overcoming type words, crunchy guitar riffs, acoustic arpeggios and maybe a little galloping here and there (Metallica!).

You never get to have music at races.

And sometimes races are hard.

So, I'm going to memorize music that empowers me.  Creed: Higher, Toby Mac: The Slam, Seventh Day Slumber: Rawkfist, Thousandfoot Krutch: Move.  All the words, the guitar, yep I'm going to look like a crazy woman, but I will make it through 26.2.

Oh, did I tell you that I am running my first full marathon in May?

Oh yes.

I am.

I even bought Creed: The Greatest Hits on iTunes to get me rolling in the right direction for base mileage.  Time to take it higher!

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