Sunday, August 12, 2012

Better Off

You know when you think that things are hard on you?

When you wallow around in some self pity stink-ola for a while and figure that only Job had it worse than you?

Then it happens.

You have a day when you are blessed enough to be the recipient of other peoples issues.  You are trusted to listen to them and what's going on in their lives.

It takes time.  It takes emotional investment.  It might make you want to take a sip of something silly.

But then the magic happens.

You are now OUTSIDE OF SELF.

All the things that seemed so real, all the issues that laid purchase in your psyche have been replaced by other peoples concerns.  "You" seems smaller.  "They" seem bigger.  You stop trying to figure out how you can survive your own issues, and start to feel grateful that your own issues are all that you have going on.

You feel empathy, sympathy, you relate, you can't even imagine.  After the 3rd of 4th exchange you realize what's going on.

He's laughing.

God has sent you these sweet, sweet, souls and their issues to show you how darn right funny your little issues are with comparison to the Master Plan.  He loves you and has called you (and so thereby equipped you) to handle what it is that you have been freaking out about.  I think that the Almighty Himself invented the twitter/text acronym SMH.  He must shake his head at me regularly.

So, while I'm not "happy" that others are suffering, I am happy to be the ear that was bent.  I'm grateful that my only problem is how I can get my Super Suit washed by tomorrow so I can chase a gargantuan gaggle of Geranimals  - ha!  I'm grateful that I am seen as someone that can be trusted with sensitive information.  I'm blessed to be a care giver - to more than just the wee ones.

Even though nothing has changed in MY life since 9:00 this morning, everything has been cast in the light of eternity.  And that is better off.

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