Wednesday, May 16, 2012


It's time for What I Ate Wednesday!

I've been on a quest to go veg again...yes, no meat, no dairy - no fun.  But it really reduced swelling and I definitely felt better the last time I did it for 30 days.  It's at least worth trying, even if I don't get it right all the time.

Breakfast was a whole wheat bagel with smooth peanut butter and a banana.  I have found that if I by the fancy flavors of bagels, I never get one...but if i buy the 100% whole wheat ones...THEN I get my breakfast!

I just LOVE peanut butter, don't you!?!
I've managed to continue to cook once and eat twice at lunch time.  This recipe is a family favorite.  I've used THIS recipe for years.  The only thing I do differently is to use a whole package of pasta, versus the recommended 5oz.  Even our little ones will eat spinach when it's made like this.

Easy, good, inexpensive, and good for you?  YES!

I'm obliged to eat an apple a day, aren't you?  I usually have peanut butter with mine, but since I already had it for breakfast...I figured I would go "plain" for my snack. :)

Still slicing them thin - silly teeth.

I had a nice bike ride this afternoon.  I kept it on the bike paths, because I had to go during rush hour.  While I was safe from cars, I was not safe from crazy people on the trail.  If you walk on the bike trail, please share the road.  And when a cyclist says "On your left, please" that means "I am going 15mph and can safely pass if you SCOOT OVER for a second!!"  PSA ended.

My snack on the road. 20miles in 1:20.

All this cycling and swimming sure makes me hungry!  For supper, I had some leftover bean burrito mixture from last night.  I found THIS recipe to be amazingly delicious.  Pretty sure it's the cream cheese.  Yes - my day included dairy.  Some days it's just difficult to cut it all out.

I think I may have Hispanic genes...LOVE this food!

Well, that's my day in food.  All on paper plates again, you see.  I contemplated dirtying up real plates for the photos - but figured you all like me just as I am...not fancier or more willing to wash up. 

Share a recipe with me!  If I try it, I will blog about it and send you a surprise. :)

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