Thursday, April 26, 2012

Oh Shin

My silly Spring Half Marathon is 10 days away.  Woohoo!!

I've done half a dozen 10+ milers so I'm more than ready.  I was thinking that this might be the year that I  attempt a full Marathon.  Yup, with the cross training, the yoga, the conservative mileage increase, I am the epitome of safe and sane training.

I've followed the rules.  I even put away the scale this year to make sure I was getting enough to eat no matter what that number says.

Sure would seem that I'm super ready and just doing the taper thing. Yawn....

Except that I am now INJURED!!!


Okay, to be fair, my shins have hurt after a run quite a while.  They start out tight and sore, and loosen up as I go along, only to hurt afterward.  I do a little self massage and they feel better by the next run.  I got new shoes and that helped a lot.  In the last month I've been on a mission to push the limits and run faster.  On Monday, I ran the very fastest 5 miler that I ever have.  By quite a bit. My shins hurt a little afterward, but I figured as much.

You know, speed kills.

Yesterday it was hot - like 90 degrees - and windy - like 20mph.  I had to fit my run in at about 1pm so I just took it easy, took some water with me and got a 3 mile run in.  I was so hot and fatigued when I came back that the pain in my shins was even more intense.  In fact, for the first time, they had hurt all through my run.  Yeah, I thought I should stop about mile 2, but if you participate in endurance sports, you know that pushing through the pain is what it's all about.

I iced.  I ibuprofened.  I BioFreezed.  I felt better.

And then, I heard from my guts (aka The Lord Almighty).

This morning, though I wasn't in any pain (yet), I felt that I shouldn't run anymore until the Half on May 6th.  This goes entirely against everything that I I know it's the right decision.  And...I also know that it's not "me" talking.  My Father is so smart.

I'm glad He still talks to me after everything I've done.

Anyhow.  That's my story.  I've been doing a therapeutic ibuprofen dose (800mg/6hrs) and icing.  I also told my Spectacular Husband that I was in pain and what the plan was...keeps me honest about my plan.  I'm sorta bummed, but pretty sure I have a nice and easy 13.1 miles in me.  I might not get the 2:20:00 time that I want, but hey - that's life.  No crying allowed.

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