Monday, April 23, 2012

It's Okay I Ran Today

I'm such a weirdo.

I am totally flattered that my husband loves my hair so much that he likened me to Tasha Yar from Next Gen.  I. Am. A. Nerd.  Maybe it was just because I was just out of the shower and rocking the slicked back look.  Whatever.  Liken me to a movie star - you bet!

Lt. Tasha Yar
I am sitting here feeling a little bad tonight.

I was going to go to a concert tomorrow night with a big group of ladies but bailed...  I just can't squeeze one more non-essential thing in to my schedule.  I want to.  Lord knows that I do.  I just continue to over-commit and break dinner plans and social outings.

But, a concert in another city on a Tuesday night puts me in bad shape in several ways.  

I would miss a swim workout (and I need those the most).

I would likely be out way to late - seriously, I turn into a pumpkin at 10pm - which would throw me into a tailspin because...

Wednesday is the day that I have the most babysitting kids that come the earliest and I have AWANA club at church right after work until 8pm.  

You can see why I might have been trying to stretch myself to thin with this concert thing!  And I'm only losing $15.  And the opportunity to connect with other Christian ladies.  Boo.

But, it's okay.  I ran today.

And I ran pretty fast (for me).  I've been considering my "suffering" level with my running.  I think that I need to do a little more of that.  Sounds fun, doesn't it?  Each time I decide I'm going to push the limit, the limit goes a little higher.  Pretty exciting, really!

So, to sum up...I am a huge dork, I have no life, and I love training more than socializing.  Well, at least things are normal around here!


  1. Haha, sounds similar to many runners. We run, skip happy hours, and run more. Oh well!

  2. This just means I need to stop by again sometime with a latte. ;) seriously though, concerts come and go, and you'll get many more chances to connect with people, but it's good that you guard your sanity and well-being, as busyness steals that away all too often… also, you rock at running, and your hair is awesome. :D