Monday, March 26, 2012

Vacation and the Aftermath

I love to write.  Though, when my immensely blessed life takes over, writing takes a back seat.  I want to update the blog - but there is to much.  Let me sum up.

I am an in-home daycare provider.  I haven't had a brand new baby to care for in a couple of years - so this last week was a refresher course!  He is such a happy baby...cooing and laughing...oh how I love that new baby smell.  And don't worry, I'm okay with sending him home at the end of the day.  My baby days are over.  God has me right where he needs me!

Our 4yo and my newest little love!

In the same week that our newest little buddy started care, we went on a mini-vacation to see my sister and brother in law in Kansas City!  It was so fun to see my sister...I miss her so much.  We used to live in the same apartment building, many moons ago.  Then, I got married and she moved to be closer to her then boyfriend.  And then she got married...  Growing up is hard.

We ate out more in 4 days than we did in the previous year!  Our 2 and 4 year olds didn't even know what a Happy Meal was.  They learned very quickly...

Cameron, David, Susan, Alahnnah, and Liam
 While we were in KC, we visited the Zoo - my sister went with us.  I don't know if I've mentioned it - but my sister R.O.C.K.S.  She has lost 165lbs, folks.  That's right.  One. Six. Five.  I love that she was able to walk around the zoo for hours and hours with us.  You take that for granted.  Don't.  She has sacrificed more "simple pleasures" that you can imagine for her hard fought weight loss.  This is the 2nd "Major Life Altering" experience that she has endured in her young life.  My sister, Amy - an inispiration!!

I love this!  Our son Cameron & Aunt Amy in ACTION!
Our crew at the KC Zoo
We had a seriously relaxing time while we were there.  I visited the local YMCA for a little swim - did you know that you can go to any Y in the country if you're a member??  Pretty neat!  They did have a "Bring your own towels" policy that was a minor inconvenience.  Hubby was so sweet and ran home for some of Sis's towels.  My sister and her hubs took the kids out for ice cream - so we were freeeee...!

We did a little bowling while in town.  The Ranch Bowl is a nice little bowling place with cool neon carpet!  We had pizza and burgers and nachos for lunch.  Hmmm...healthfood!

Daddy teaching Cameron how to bowl

Hubby and I got a nine mile run in, around Longview Lake, on Friday Morning.  Big thanks to my family for watching the kiddos.  Can't wait to race 10 on Saturday!!

Cameron says "Take me home!"
It's been a great past week. Though, we've been busier than ever, I've had so many moments of "Wow, thank you Jesus for my life!"  I totally don't deserve what I've been given.  Each day is a gift.  I know that sounds cliche - but think about it.  No matter what you do, who you are, what kind of power you've been thing rings true:

Know Jesus
Know Peace
No Jesus
No Peace

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  1. That baby looks super sweet! I just started babysitting two 8 months olds (twins!!) and I love them to pieces, but I sprint out the door when the mom gets home after a 10 hour day haha!