Sunday, March 11, 2012

Long (GREAT) Weekend

Don't know where to start with this weekend, dear people.  After a rough week, I felt I was ready for some serious relaxation.  But, as anyone knows, weekends can be busier than the weekdays!

I find that an adjustment in my attitude is all it takes to turn "Crazy Busy" in to "Needed Relaxation."  I started out Saturday morning with a beautiful 7 mile run.  I ran about 25sec/mi slower than I would have liked..but the sun was out, the robins were darting around, a saw some baby squirrels.

And I had over an hour of PEACE and QUIET.

Since it's all about attitude, I didn't so much mind rushing through my shower and primping to get to the Hair Salon for the very best stylist in the whole wide world to do this to my hair!!

Woops, that's Carter.  I mean - THIS!

Yeah - that's me.  :)  I love Amanda Tapping as Samantha Carter on Stargate SG-1.  I pretty much take a new picture of her in each time I get my hair cut.  Yep - I'm that geek.  Hubby sent me the recent pic - so blame him.

After my hair cut, I prepared a meal for a couple of families from church to join us for supper. Hubby went and scored some brownies and cookies to go along with our baked pasta.  I loved chatting and having more kids running around.  I used to stress a bit over that - the cleaning, the food - but I don't any more.  A home is more friendly and inviting when the host is relaxed.

This morning (after a 9mi spin on the trainer) we attended a birthday party for one of my daycare sweeties.  I've had him since he was 17mo old and he turned 4!!  Chucky Cheese - the place where we can all be kids.  We had a TON of fun.  Our kids had never been to anything like that before.  It was a special day.

After that it was home to relax for a little bit, then I got a call from a dear friend and Sister in Christ who has been dreadfully ill.  I cooked up some rice and went through the cupboards and took her over a care package.  Came home and took the casserole out of the oven and headed to...

The Pot Luck at Church!  After we all ate, we had a wonderful revival service.  We sang and were taught by a very practical man.  I was engaged and challenged and really felt the Holy Spirit moving in my heart.  Great, great, day!

David and I are STILL up at 10:20pm.  I think we are all amped up from the "Weekend that Wasn't."  I have to get up at 4:30 in the morning for a swim to run brick, then we have Revival Service again in the evening.

I better go to bed.  I hope you all were blessed this weekend - and have a great week ahead!

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