Saturday, March 17, 2012

Beautiful Day

I have a sunburn that I'm pretty proud of.

Today was one of those early spring - too hot already - Nebraska days that I got to spend outdoors 90% of.

Started off the day by finishing up an epic 10 hour night's sleep.  That's right - I went to bed at 10pm and slept until the kids woke us up at 8am.  I got up at 5:20am to turn off my teen's alarm that was attempting to wake the whole neighborhood while he was in Des Moines...but other than that TEN HOURS of sleep!

My run today was 8 miles and I was shooting for an 11min mile average to be on track for "Operation 2:20 Half."  The weather was partly sunny and 60 degrees, but WINDY.  I had great music, a great Run-Forrest-Run kind of attitude, and managed an 11:03 average.  I'm still walking for 1min or less each mile to try to avoid the usual Big Injury of every racing season - so I think I'm pretty set for my goal race in May.  I plan to only walk the aid stations during the race.  I keep praying that I WON'T be injured for once!

I came home all shades of high on endorphins, showered, and had a picnic lunch with 5/6 of our crew on the front porch.  I then proceeded to rake, pull, clip, bag and sweep the outside of the house for about 3 hours.

After another wardrobe change and a Marine shower, I was thrilled to have a tiny visitor that we haven't seen since December!  One of my Daycare Sweeties that had moved away came to visit for a couple of hours while her Mommy and Daddy took care of things in town.  She's only 2, so it took a little bit for her to warm up - but by time she went home, I did get a hug! <3  I love my "job!"

During that time, we had the Loan Closer come and have us sign a litany of documents to close our home refinance.  We are gonna save a boat load of cash - SO happy.  We locked in a 3.75% rate, are getting $150 back AND don't have a house payment for April!!  How's that for a good thing??  Now, to get back that Gazelle Intensity that I had before we got our taxes back and felt too good and comfy for a while.  We still have debt, so we are still slaves.  Slavery sucks.

I grilled some lovely steaks for dinner, and finally had that slice of cheesecake that I've been wanting for weeks.  The kids had baths and the teen is on his way back from the Youth Conference.

I'm praying for all people out and about tonight.  I've heard soooo many sirens today already, I can't imagine what this night will bring.  St. Patrick's Day on a Saturday.  Those words have got to strike fear in the hearts of Police, Fire, EMS, and ER.

Stay safe!  Stay Sane!  Live to see another day.

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