Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kick Pull CRAZY

Workout - 1500yd swim / 45min

I did a kick set out of the November 2011 issue of Triathlete Magazine and added 6x50 pull to make 1500.  I still feel like I don't belong in the pool and am just this side of drowning.  Friday, I'm going to see what I have to do to get 500yds strung together without stopping.  I know I will have to combine breaststroke and a possible flip over on to my back to get it done.  It's really hard to get used to breathing heavy in the water.  Timing is everything!

I keep thinking that I will look back on my first triathlon (coming up on 2/25!!) and laugh about what an inadequate swimmer I was...and hopefully feel happy about how much better I will have become.


I haven't been writing much because I'm going through a "thing" right now.  Everyone has those times when they are just tired and don't wanna.  I find that the isolation and constant demand of the SAHM/Daycare Lady gig compounds this in to a tight wad of stress that sits between my shoulder blades.

I don't wanna cook or clean anything.  I don't care about your shoes, your fish tank, your pew-pew, or your baby dolls.  The next person that asks me to do something for them WHILE I AM ALREADY BUSY is going to get a shoe print on the behind.  I think everyone's voice has gotten 50% louder in the last week.  I don't want to pick up after you and you and you and you and you, and I wish I could just have ONE COMPLETE thought without having somebody BUTT IN with their needs and wishes.


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