Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Bank Holiday!

Workout today - 1500yd swim.  This was not a hard workout.  I am doing my best to "taper" for a sprint tri on Saturday.  And I may or may not be using it as an excuse to eat and rest.  :P

I had the day off today, so I came home from the gym at about 6:30am and changed back in to my PJ's, grabbed a mug of coffee and my newest Cooking Light magazine and hopped back in bed!  My husband either thinks I'm insane or brilliant...but I hear it's almost the same thing.

It wasn't to long until I had a little visitor:
Perfect Mother / Son moment...with boogies.
After some quality snuggle time, another little person realized that Momma was hanging out in her room:
What?  You don't give your toddlers smart phones to keep them quiet?
We had a fun day at a School's Out Party given by the Children's Ministry at our church.  Those ladies work so stinkin' hard just to give the kiddos a good time.  They had the kids making their own ice cream, a craft, and then fed them lunch.  

We got done at the church about 1:00, I called my 13yo son to see how his babysitting gig was going.  He was done already and - with check in hand - was ready to go to the Pet Store.  He's been saving up for a fish tank set up and had the final moneys, yay!  I love to see a child accomplish a goal - whether it be making it to the potty in time or saving up for a large purchase - it's all pretty cool!

We had to visit the kitties up for adoption at the Pet Store.
I have not mourned the passing of reliable nap time so much as I did today.  Our *nearly* 3 year old still really needs a nap, but if he doesn't get it by 1:00pm or so, it ain't happening.  Until 6:00pm when he just can't take it anymore:

Poor, sweet, baby. So tired!

Not a bad Monday.  Grilled some steaks for supper, and got to wrap it up by holding a new born baby boy.  Does life really get any better?  I guess people with Grand kids say that it does.  Wow - now THAT'S grace!

How did you spend President's Day?

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