Friday, January 13, 2012

Week Recap

Well, since my super duper run post on Sunday, I've not said much.  Hard to top 11 miles around the city with a sweet hubby pickup at the end!

Very busy with school and having a full 5 day work and school week for the first time in a little while!  My how we get spoiled so quickly.

The kids finished up a unit on the environment, pollution and conservation.  I had a lot of fun with that - I'm kinda crunchy.  Our 9 yo was horrified to see the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.  Did you know about this thing - yikes!  Reduce, Re-use, Recycle for heaven's sake!!  No tye-dye required.  Unless of course, you want to! :)

By Wednesday of this week, I knew that I had another virus hanging out in my lungs...the second in about 6 weeks!  I rarely get sick, and after the "Cold of the Century" that I had in December, I figured I had my due.  Not so - and I've missed Thursday and today's workouts.  Feeling a bit better now, though.  Thank you, Lord, for smart people that can make OtC decongestants.

In other news - I found out that our new little daycare friend was born on 1/10.  Little Kyler came in to the world weighing exactly what our oldest son did - 7lbs 10oz.  Can't wait to meet the little guy - oh so precious!  Pray for Momma - babies are difficult to figure out sometimes - especially the first one!

Found a new website -  I'm pretty excited to find a site that will generate ability specific training workouts for my swim practice.  I hate to say - but I think I might skip my spin tomorrow and head to the pool instead.  INDOOR CYCLING STINKS LIKE A ROTTEN DIAPER.  I ultra-mega hate the bikes at the gym - and not just for the boredom factor.

It's the booty factor.

Those seats are horrible.  Let me get my trainer set up in the basement, and I will work on my cycling.  For now, I'm focused on getting swifter in the water!

Well, gotta go.  The Friendship Bread that I baked smells way to good to pass up!

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. I'm with you on gym bikes--blech! I am happy to sit on my bike trainer any day of the week!