Saturday, January 28, 2012

Some News

Ah, Saturday - I do love it.  I work from home and my Little Blessings come to me for cuddling each weekday.  I love it.  But I do appreciate the relative calm of only having our own children to tend on the weekends.

Last night, I was in bed at 9:30.  I know.  Party animal, right here.  But, since I am not a pro triathlete, my schedule has pesky little things written in where there should be a nap/recovery/rest time.  I make up for it by going to bed as early as my husband won't make fun of me humanly possible.

Slept clear through with no visitors or pit stops til 7:00 this morning.  I'm telling ya - I actually woke up in a not homicidal good mood.

Am I using the strikethrough function enough too much?  

After a good dose of caffeine and some cartoons, we headed to the library for some books on next weeks Science lesson.  Galileo...

Oh - I was just sidetracked and registered for MY FIRST TRIATHLON.  Indoor sprint in the town my Momma lives in - nice and comfy all the way around.  Only a 500yd swim, no big - but it's my


Now I'm completely distracted and must go and revamp my training schedule for the next 4 weeks as my 

FIRST TRIATHLON is on February 25th!

I fasted til 10am, ran 10 miles and then ate Chinese for dinner - not much of a day except for I just registered for my


I'm all verklempt - talk amongst yourselves...


  1. How did you manage to sleep through to 7 am without interruption?! WOW. Jealous :)

    Congrats on signing up for the tri!!