Friday, January 6, 2012

Photo Friday

Just a few photos to share today.  After my workout on Wednesday morning, I've been kind of wiped out and not able to catch up.  Swimming 800yds, then running 3 miles takes getting used to, apparently.  *eyeroll*  So here goes the classic blogger cop out - Photo Friday.

SUCH a perfect mail day.  If you haven't shopped at and you love fitness clothes,  you're missing out.

My job isn't always insane.  For 15 minutes at a time, it can be downright paradise!

I went to plug in the "spare Droid" that our daughter carts around and found this on the screen.  *heart melt*

My BFF handed down some wonderful puzzles.  Once again, She saved my life!

What?  Doesn't your teen-aged son do curls with your pre-teen daugther?
Hope you all have a blessed weekend.  I spent the morning spending my husbands paycheck and designing a coupon/sale laden grocery trip that would make Sister Penny Pincer squeal with delight.  Tomorrow we don't have anything planned, but Sunday I have an 11 mile run planned.  Hoping it can be done outside!


  1. Great blog! Enjoyed reading and the photos. I'm trying to get motivated to blog. My blog is at you're amazing. You're one of the "few" Bells that runs I'm guessing.

  2. trying to get myself to shop for something besides athletic clothes! :)

    good luck sunday!