Sunday, January 22, 2012


Having a hard time typing this.

My arms might fall off.

When I find value in a skill, I learn how to perform it.  Then I do whatever it takes to get better.  I may have, once or twice, gone to far to hone it.  And being "good" at things always seems plausible.

With enough practice.

I don't operate well in the limits of time, space, or ability.  I was one of those kids that was told "you can do whatever you put your mind to" and just believed it.  My teen years were marked by me pretty much doing whatever I put my mind to.  Unfortunately.

As an adult, I have acted more responsibly - but only in direction.  The methodology always seems the same.  

I decided to make Pierogies last Wednesday night (need to leave for church 15min after last daycare kid leaves) and also agree to pick up a friends kids on the same night.  I ended up not having time to eat them.

I decided that ordering flowers for our wedding was ridiculously expensive and that my future husband and I could do it ourselves.  We got some florists tape, a pair of pliers and a glue gun and got to work.  My fingers will never be the same.

And in the same fashion, I decided that doubling my yardage in the pool two weeks ago would help me learn faster and become a skilled swimmer much sooner.

My shoulders feel like I did yoga for three hours with a bajillion up/down/up/down/up down dogs.  My back is in knots that I didn't know (in my runner/biker ignorance) I even had muscles for!  Kind of silly, but I did feel so very confident in the pool today!


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  1. Ha, ha. Nothing wrong with a little overdoing it if it makes you feel more confident!