Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday Thinkin'

What a hell of a week.  No time to talk, just keeping on.  Not really that terrible in it's parts, but all put together - thinks have been pretty exhausting.  Here's my wah-wah...just thinking "out loud."

  • The kids - wow, did anyone else experience any "transformations" due to the full moon??  My 9yo dear daughter has been the most resistant in school 2yo has found is "screaming, whining voice," and if my 13yo calls me Mother one more time I'm going to prove to him that I'm still tougher than he is.
  • The training - following the low volume triathlete plan from Racing Weight.  Excited to do some speed interval training on the bike and get in the water twice a week - but it's taking some getting used to.  A little different than just pounding the pavement and taking a spin on the bike each week.  Oh, and the weight training...yah.
  • The house - what a mess.  Thank God for my husband...he does dishes and laundry and bathes kids.  Good thing...I haven't been.  Providing a home cooked meal twice a day and keeping the bathroom from becoming a health hazard has been all.
  • The finances - SO stressed out over this.  They are offering Financial Peace University at church in November.  We are SO there.  I will do everything that is prescribed if it will get us out of this hole.  Lord, make me obedient, please!!
  • The ministry - not mine, but the one I am blessed to be involved in.  Wednesday nights are for AWANA around here.  Sometimes I'm way to worn out to go - but I go anyway - and am always blessed because of it.  Last night I worked with a 5th grader that had never seen a Bible in her life.  She was so proud of herself when she could say her verse from memory.  Ah-maze-ing!!
  • The marriage - I so wish I could have something left over for my husband.  By the end of the day I can hardly hold a conversation with the man.  He's always finding ways for us to be together, even if just for a couple of hours.  This week he entered us in a local 5k at the last minute...quality of time over quantity.  I can't say what we would do without generous, loving friends that babysit for FREE.
I've just felt terribly alone this week.  Funny, because I can't even use the restroom without another human being present.  I need to find some other women to train with.  I read blogger/runner/Mommas but there's no substitute for real, human, conversation.  I called up Team In Training and am considering partnering with them.  Just not so sure I could raise the funds that they require for participation.

Blah.  What a terrible post.  Had to get it out - and couldn't even crack a joke about it.  Tomorrow, I have a nice swim on the schedule.  My goal is to take it easy and do my best.  I've watched enough YouTube on rotary breathing that SOMEthing should have sunk in by now!


  1. just to encourage you, your amazing transformation over these past 2 years is encouraging me to keep on. I've given up 95% of the sugar in my diet and I'm losing some weight. That and just giving up most "snacks" unless they are nuts or fruit or dairy in the late afternoon to keep me from bottoming out. That's all and slowly I'm feeling the clothes getting a bit looser. I'm still hoping to start the Couch to 5K in January. All because of watching you do it while injured, while day-caring, while homeschooling, etc.. HUGS

  2. Always here-I feel a lot of the very same things, well except mine no longer follow me in the bathroom- giggle. So GOOD NEWS there is hope in eventually regaining that space.

    There is a place in the bible that says that nobody can feel your exact pain or loneliness of your days. that God is the only one that completely understand the pains of our heart. Life is stressful and so hard at times.

    However, I do believe God doesn't want us to suffer in our misery and sadness alone. Thank you for your post it means more to me then you can imagine. You are a fantastic person and I admire you for your strength.Missed you tonight. I will so bug you again :) Even though I might wipe out that wonderful healthy diet your so insistent on- just for a day.

  3. Thank you, ladies, for giving perspective to my thoughts. Kay - don't get me all excited over a C25K plan, lady...!!! I will now pester you relentlessly. Chris - what timely words, thank you.