Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day In The Life

Beth, over at Shut Up + Run does periodic posts about the "everyday wonderfulness" of our lives.  Her recent post is on par with her usual style of writing, and she even challenged other bloggers to write their own exciting post on their not always so exciting lives.

My life is probably the antithesis of excitement to some...maybe to much excitement for others.  Whatever it is, it's mine and a gift from God even in it's frustrations.  So here it is - A Day In The Life of Life Is Beautiful.

5:30am - alarm on cell phone vibrates to wake me up.  I'm not a morning person.  At. All.  So I get up and immediately sweet talk the coffee maker (that HAS a timer on it that I never remember to set!)
I know, I'm very sexy at 5:30am.  Try not to stare.
After eating half a banana and sucking back a little coffee, I go out for a bike ride or a run.  On a swim day, I'm already in the pool halfway done with my workout by now.

7:00 - home to shower and get ready for the day.  My husband is great about helping with the kids before he takes off for work.  

7:40 - daycare sweeties arrive, let the fun begin!  I'm still caffienating, the kids get to watch a little TV and I go upstairs to wake "The Beast."
Like mother like daughter.
We start home school at 9:00.  My 4th and 8th graders do school at the table or in their rooms, and the pre-K and toddler set sits quietly and colors or does playdough for those 2.5 hours until lunch.   Ha, ha!  Sigh...I do try - but it lasts about a minute.
A rare scene.
We take a "break" from 11:00ish to 12:30...well, the kids get a break and I make and serve lunch and put the 4 little ones down for (hopefully) a nap.  Our 4.5 year old isn't too terribly convinced that she still needs a nap.  But at least I can still get her to go potty...and she's teaching her little brother!
"Look, I'm holding my shirt up!"
I spend the "hopeful" nap time trying to teach my 8th grader 9th grade Algebra, and convincing my 4th grader that Independent Reading Time isn't a torture tactic.  I, sometimes get to do some yoga while they are doing book work - and I take pictures of the wrinkles that are forming on my neck.
Dear Lord, I'm getting Granny's chicken neck!!
3:00ish - the little kids start waking form naps, the big kids get done with school, and if all the stars and planets align then we get to go outside.
4:00 - I send a daycare sweetie home and start supper.
5:30 - all additional young'uns are gone and I have a delicious, nutritious, home cooked, dinner prepared that no kid would touch with a 10 foot pole.  
Stir fry - yum!
The rest of my evening is spent breaking up fights, cleaning up messes, and doing some light reading:

Pretty much like everyone else.  The only difference when you have small children is that you tend to find messes you aren't real sure you WANTED to find.
Poopy hand?
My husband and I take turns putting the kids to bed - so when it's my turn, I go in and sing 47 songs to the Little ones, and then go and pray and visit one-on-one with the Biggers.  Bed time for me is (hopefully) 9:30...but you know it's usually closer to 10:30.  

And if I'm really super-duper blessed - I get to get up and do it all the next day!  Would love to see YOUR Day In The Life Post!


  1. Love, this. Man you pack a lot into a day!! Was that poop on the hand?

  2. Found that book at a coffee shop - sent the photo to our "know-it-all" 13yo son, told him I was studying up!