Saturday, October 22, 2011

Check In

Just a quick check in.

I've been pretty sick this week.

Each day, I get up early and have my banana and 1/2 cup of coffee and head out to the gym or hit the road.  I drink my sports drink while I work out, and after my shower I have an all natural nut-based energy bar.

My stomach doesn't hurt at this point.

Then I get home and have some coffee with honey and soymilk and make myself an egg wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla with a little salsa.  That's where the trouble starts.  I get such severe stomach pain that I can't breathe!  It lasts about 20 minutes and then recedes into nausea and a feeling of fullness that sometimes prompts me to skip lunch.

This all started about 3 weeks ago, when I added meat and dairy back in to my diet.  I really made my digestive system mad with that and had some gas pain for a while.  That seemed to subside and then this gradually came on.  Truthfully, I thought I might be pregnant (OH DEAR), but that is NOT the case.  I'm not sure the addition of animal products is related, but that's my time marker.

It seems that I can tolerate sort of "basic" foods.  The good old B.R.A.T. diet seems to be okay at times.  Protein powder (soy) mixed with PowerAde is my go-to recovery drink, and that has lately been my lunch as well.  I thought it was getting better until this morning.  We came back from the gym around 10:30, and I made brunch.  David cut up a pineapple and I scrambled eggs and made toast.

I love pineapple - but apparently - it no longer loves me.  I have never, ever, EVER, had pain like that.  I could feel it coming on and went to tell my husband that I was going to be indisposed for a little bit.  I sat in front of the commode and begged God to make it stop.  I've heard of people wishing for death, before.  This was nearly one of those times.  I was in so much pain that I wasn't even able to have a lucid thought.  I made it to my bed where I cried in agony.  I lost about 10 minutes or so in there, and when I opened my eyes, the pain had subsided and left a nauseous feeling.

I didn't eat anything else today until suppertime.  I made baked chicken and quinoa with veggies.  I had about 3oz of chicken breast and a small amount of far so good.  I started to feel a little queasy and feel SO FULL from just that tiny amount of food!  My energy level is in the toilet due to all of this, and the earliest the doc can see me is next Thursday.

I think I will have to call and see about getting in earlier.  If I have an ulcer, they can treat it - and I can be on my merry way!  No time for this.  No time at all!

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