Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend in a Nutshell

My alarm clock in "Dora Snooze Mode"
I was very thankful on Saturday morning.  My 25lb alarm clock "snoozed" until 7:15!  I'm not sure when the last time was that we slept that late...but I'm just sorry that my sweet husband was slaving away making up time at work.

I spent the better part of the morning in my room on the heating pad, wondering if my body was going to loosen up enough to move.  It seems that my adventure of running twice on Friday was met with a little opposition.

 A little ibuprofen, a walk around Shopko on an ill-fated search for a new torchiere lamp, and I was better.  Still, not sure that my future will hold many of these relay races.  The training is killer!
Our exercise room - and the "Alarm Clock", again.

I tried to take a nap - though I didn't really need one.  But after surfing the Internet while on the heating pad and enjoying a snack, I was sleepy.  I shut down the computer and just as I was falling asleep, I heard the annoying soundtrack to one of our 9 year old's tweeny-bopper shows.  

I decided to go downstairs and clean up what used to be my workout room.  During the summer months, hubby and I bike and run outdoors.  But with October looming, it's time to consider video fitness as the primary option.

I didn't take a picture of what the place looked like before - but in the last 6 months this room has been the home for all of our homeschool materials (disorganized and strewn) and a delirious amount of Barbies that my SIL gifted us.  Do you *love* the paneling?  Yah - I knew you would.

The treadmill was a gift from my BIL.  It doesn't have a readout - just a dial that you turn to the right to go faster - but it's totally functional and great to squeeze in a workout.  Hubby built a shelf above so that a laptop or portable DVD player can be placed to entertain. I have a nice collection of DVD's that are awesome when other things are wearing thin.  It's a great way to eliminate excuses of time constraints, weather, and convenience issues surrounding having children.  

Today I did about 45 minutes of brisk walking on the old treadmill.  My back has been very upset with me lately, so I thought that the walking would be the best choice versus running or cycling.  Afterward, I did a nice bit of yoga with my little helpers.  It can be a little frustrating to have so much "help," but the workouts have to be done.

Overall - a great weekend.  Last night, we had a coffee house style worship service at church.  Everyone brought desserts, and there was coffee and tea.  Our Praise Team donated their time and talents to bring us music. 

 It was nice to chat and hang out.  We only stayed about an hour, our 2 and 4 year olds were having a ball running around like crazy fools...but that was enough chasing for one day.

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