Saturday, September 10, 2011


Our children have passed this stage:

And have moved on to this stage:
Unfortunately, our 2 year old son is dangerous enough that any door that he can reach the handle on (and that is ALL of them) is fair game for entry/exit.  the baby gates were great, until he realized that they were easy to scale and jump over.  Thankfully he doesn't care that much about the bathroom...he has flushed a couple of things and unrolled the TP a few of times and that doesn't thrill, I guess.

It's escaping upstairs, downstairs or outside that is the real excitement.  The upper and lower levels are home to our older children's bedrooms, the XBox360, the bulk of the Barbie stuff, the treadmill, all of the free weights, and a host of other potentially deadly or dismembering items.  

I have a chain on the front door - and now will be using it.  The little squirt is *almost* strong enough to release the deadbolt, and with him being *almost* able to get out of the crib himself - we have the makings of a situation in which we would need local law enforcement!

Today I caught him trying to escape and he pulled out his magic wand.

Just a little curious where he pulled it out from - since wearing clothes are against his religion.

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