Friday, September 23, 2011

My Favorite Autumn Event

Happy Anniversary to my sweet husband, David.

I am never even slightly deluded in to thinking that I deserve such a patient, loving man.

And while it's wonderful to be loved, it's also so good to be known.

This morning, he left for work at the usual time.  He came home an hour later with a gift that just proves how well he knows me.  He parked down the street and rang the bell - a DOZEN roses in hand.

There are 2 white roses to represent he and I.  Two pink for our sweet little girls, two peach for our rough and tumble boys.  There are 5 open roses to represent our 5 years of marriage, and one closed bud for the future that is to come.  What a romantic man...*sigh*

To round it out, he brought me the latest issue of Triathlete magazine, a beautiful card with a handwritten sentiment, and a few tasty treats from the bulk section of the health market.

So he was home all day with us - we all went to the mall and had some fun, then later we went for a run!  We are doing a Little Relay Race next week so this was our second run for the day.  Just between you, me, and the whole of the internet - I ran my best 5k to date this evening.  On tired legs!  This cooler weather, and the cross training of cycling and swimming is really doing me some good.

To bad it doesn't count since hubby was pacing me.

What a great day...each and every year since 2006!  Here's us, the spring before we were married.

And a token wedding picture!

Okay - a more serious one...

I think it's about time for this old married lady to go to bed.  Last week when we ran twice in one day, I woke up Saturday morning feeling like a freight train hit me.  I've done the necessary recovery routine tonight and don't have a single thing to do in the morning.

Here's to aging gracefully!

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