Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mess Mess

Some folks are messy.

Some are neat nicks.

Most fall in between.

I've never fallen in between a line in my adult life.  I am all or nothing, one way or another, here or there.  I remember being normal...some time...maybe in my pre-teen years, but for the bulk of time that I can remember, I have been an extremist.

I like things clean.  I'm not a "clean with Clorox till my skin rots off" kind of girl, but I do get frustrated when my house is in a constant state of disarray.

Having 4 children and a daycare has helped me to change my mind a bit.  I am now resigned that spending 15 minutes in each room every day is enough to tidy up and take care of hygienic cleanliness.  I have learned a hard fast rule of fact that "Either the kitchen or the living room shall be clean on any given day, but neither shall be clean on the same day."  Sometimes you have to let go.

Our oldest daughter, I fear, is sort of a messy girl.  She is a very talented artist and is equally comfortable on a musical instrument as she is with paint, pencil or tape...lots and lots of scotch tape.  I know that artistic folks can be somewhat oblivious of the world around them - so I give her a break on things like cleaning her room and changing her clothes / brushing her hair.  What?  We're a home school family!  Don't be judge-ie!!

My Free Spirit and her little sister The Drill Sergeant
So today when I went to clean her room, I was not surprised that:

a) it took me 3 hours
b) I hauled 3 full bags and a BOX of trash out
c) she farted around and organized her dresser ONLY in that amount of time
d) I will likely be doing this again soon

The goal now is to help her maintain it.  I follow FlyLady to help me stay on a cleaning schedule.  I think it would be good for her to do the same with her room.  All it takes is 15 minutes per day to pick up the things we left lying around.  I hope to not exasperate her with the cleaning thing.  It's necessary for organization and peace of mind, but not life or death.

I just want my little Rock Star to grow and thrive in a somewhat clean environment.  I don't want to stifle her creativity, but I do want her to learn to join the world around her at some point!

Here's to another Saturday spent cleaning a big messy room.  Go Mom!!

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  1. I'm a clean girl too and have some children who are not. I've done the whole cleaning out their room with bags of garbage too. Not fun, but I guess I'm envious of their creativity though so it evens out.
    And I love the Fly Lady.