Sunday, September 11, 2011

How to Make an Egg Roll

How do you make an egg roll?

Well, you can use won-ton wrappers and fill them with a combination of shredded cabbage and carrots and even little strips of pork.  Roll up a small amount and then deep fry to a golden brown.

Or, you could just give it a push.

Girly girl time.

I learned my lesson with THAT question!  It's sorta like when a 5 year old asks you where babies come from...they don't really want a sex ed lesson - they just wonder if everyone is from Nebraska like they are.

Miss A and I spent the afternoon at the football field today.  We had to have The Boy there an hour and fifteen minutes early for his game, so we had some time to chat.  I remembered the egg roll question when Miss A asked me "What do you think of yourself as, Mom?"

At first, I wanted to get all philosophical and go in to the ways that a woman is multi-faceted, has many responsibilities and  can be different things to different people.  I never want to limit our daughters by making them think that they have to be "this" or "that."  I certainly don't want them to think that they are staring down the barrel of Domestic Engineer/Childcare Provider/Home School Teacher like myself - that's definitely an acquired taste.

So I was SMART this time and asked "Well, what do you mean?  Like, do I think I'm funny, or strong, or nice?"  To which she replied:

"No, like are you sporty, or glam, or like what kind of style do you see yourself as?"

Easiest question I answered all week.  Classic Style Fashion all the way.  Jeans and T-Shirts, comfy shoes, small amount of the same makeup each day, and easy hair.  Glad I didn't wax all poetic for nothing.
My kid in green socking it to #76 red.
On the other hand - I learned nearly nothing about the game of football today.  This was the first game I had attended (hubs and I take turns staying at home with our 2 & 4 year olds).  I still don't have any idea how the ball moves down the field, and what the heck is up with everyone yelling for our children to "hit someone!!"  I always thought a touch down was worth 7 points, but nope.

I could be shot for publishing this picture.
Liam said that the offensive line was praised for playing very well.  I am glad to hear that - they certainly looked all mean and tough and stuff.  One of the boys brought the black goop to put under their eyes.  My son said "What do you think?" about how they all looked with that stuff.  In my "up since 5:30, 20 mile bike ride, church service followed by 3 hours in the sun" stupor, I forgot myself and replied with what I was really thinking:

"You guys looked cute!"

Had he not been exhausted from the game, I think he would have refused to get in the car.

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  1. I love Alahnnah's question, it is so her, Miss Fashion Maven!! And for what it's worth, I think your boy is very cute, and I also know NOTHING about football. Nat has tried to explain it to me but I'm clueless lol.