Monday, September 12, 2011

Helped Out Helper

I'm not a big fan of boxed/highly processed foods...but sometimes things are on sale for dirt cheap catch my attention and I bring them home to "healthify" them.  So it is with Hamburger Helper.

I like to grate zucchini that get way to big in the garden and add it to recipes.  My kids are either used to it, or need their eyes checked.  Whatever, they don't mind.

 It looks kind of icky at first - I use ground turkey or ground chicken and it is a bit "play-dough-y."  I am not fancy, either...all the stuff in the pan and put on the lid...walk away to break up a fight or help with a math problem.  Oh, don't forget a little garlic power and salt&pepper.

 Once it's cooked and drained it looks nearly like ground beef...with green stuff in it...okay, get your kids to eat with sunglasses on!  Yah, have a beach themed meal time!  Sure!!

 I always add EXTRA PASTA - learned that one from my hubby.  But I make sure it's the same shape, it messes with my head when the shapes are different.  I add about as much is in the box in the first place, and an extra cup of water.
Yes, I do normally cool the plates in the window.
It comes out looking pretty much the same as regular Hamburger Helper.  The veggies are tucked in there between everything else, and I can still sleep at night knowing that I fed our children processed food with a high sodium content all in the name of pinching pennies convenience.

I normally never eat this stuff - to calorie rich for a running super star like me.  *ahem* But today it looked mighty good.  Must have been the zucchini...I love to eat green foods!  All foods, really.

So, how do you "healthify" traditional recipes?

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