Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Feeding Time for This Animal

I decided to try something different today.  I've been doing some research lately on a Plant Based Diet and the evidence is compelling.  I tend to eat less meat than most, but way to much dairy.  I don't have any objections to eating animals - I thank them for their sacrifice.

What I'm seeing in recent research, is that the Western Diet is ruining our health.  Not just obesity - but disease!  I'm on a mission.  I want to be running, swimming, biking, posing, and lifting weights well into my 70's.  I've toyed around with the idea and been unwilling to commit - but I think that mission is worth giving up animal based foods.

Sauteed onion, garlic, carrots and zucchini w/parm.  Spinach salad with broccoli w/vinaigrette.

So today I gave up meat, dairy, and eggs.  Just to try it for one day.  I've probably eaten eggs and toast five days a week for the last year. Smelled good when hubby was cooking his up this morning!  I put milk in my coffee (oops) and had a little Parmesan cheese on my veggies for lunch.  I think the Balance Bar I had for afternoon snack was made with soy and whey protein, but oh well.  Ultimately, I would like to follow a 90 - 95% meatless plan.  Hubby bought some soymilk this evening, so I could even have some cereal in the morning!

I will be tracking my nutrition on MyNetDiary to make sure I am getting enough to eat.  Today I came out like this:

1693 calories - 1700 goal
45g fat - 50 goal
285g carbs - 220 goal
55g protein - 70 goal
32g fiber - 25 goal

I don't have any serious interest in being identified as Vegan or Vegetarian or have any socio-political reasons for following this diet...I don't get in to labels that much.  On second thought, I guess a few designations appeal to me, such as: healthy, vibrant, looks younger than her age.  If that's what a plant based diet gets me, that will be a label I would gladly wear!

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