Saturday, August 20, 2011

Injuries, Football and Wings

Ice on one end and heat on the other.

My beloved ice pack has helped me through knee and hammy issues. It's also been good to my son's Turf Toe and my daughters sprained ankle. But it died. One of the children killed it and it's jelly-like guts got all over the floor - not the couch, hallelujah!

I went to Walgreen's for a replacement and was able to offer my expertise in the area of hot/cold therapy to a young woman there. I could tell that she was scoping out the area I was in and grabbed a few things and moved to the side. She proceeded to ask me a few questions about the ones in my hand and I just kept answering her questions like some sort of pain relieving saleswoman.

In that conversation, I realized that I am either getting old...or...

Moving on...

We embarked on the adventure that is Midget Football today. We've now had practice every day for two weeks - but today was Picture Day! I had no idea how long that would take. I have a lot of respect for people that volunteer for these thing. That's a lot of time sitting and dealing with parents and players. It really only took an hour to get A and B team through, but while chasing our other 3 kids around, it seemed like more!

Hubby just left for another run today. His first 2-a-day run! I'm so proud of him. He and I train very differently - and I try not to push my agenda to hard...but I do feel that I do things the "right way." Ha, ha! He's very logical and his training is fine - but we can't talk to much about how to do things. You know how it is...we are both right. :)

Me...I'm riding tonight and in the morning to simulate a 2-a-day. I just barely made it through a 3 mile run yesterday, and I walked the last half mile. I probably went a little farther than I should have - and that wasn't even very far. The upside is, that I recently read where someone was injured in the later part of his Marathon training and did nothing by cycling for weeks prior to the race. He spun his way to cardio endurance while his injury healed. He arrived at the start line on race day and finished with an acceptable time.

Either way - our race on the 3rd is for fun! It's not often that hubby and I get to spend a couple of hours together doing something we like...away from the children. I know that he could run faster than I can, but we have more fun when we run together.

And this time, I have wings!

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