Friday, August 12, 2011

Fantasy Friday

I had THE perfect bike ride this morning. I got up before dawn and headed out into perfect weather. There were no cars on the streets and I just rode and rode and rode until it was time to turn around. I had plenty of fuel and water, and the weather was neither to hot nor to cold.

When I got home, coffee was already made and I had plenty of time to take a shower. I was alone in the bathroom the whole time. I was able to get dressed, and fix my hair and makeup before any children stirred.

After my first cup of coffee, our 2 year old gently called "Momma, I am up now. Please come and get me." I went in to the little kids room, and our 4 year old had already started cleaning her room - how nice! Going out to the kitchen, I saw that our 9 year old was making breakfast for us and our 13 year old was already out mowing the yard.

While David and I leisurely ate breakfast together, we talked about the day and the upcoming weekend. We got plenty of time to chat about our week and speculate on our fabulous future. After we ran out of things to say, we just held hands and gazed into each others eyes until he decided he ought to leave for work.

Oh, what a perfect Fantasy Friday morning it was...

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