Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fab Ride & Taper Time

Hubby and I had a fab bike ride last night! We left our 13 year old in charge of a sleeping 2 & 4 year old and a plugged in to the computer 9 year old and set out for about 7 miles down the road to Cold Stone Creamery. I have to say - I wish we had more time to do nachos or cheese sticks...I ate Raisin Bran when we got home!

It was nice to get out and be myself for once. :) Hubby is so cool to hang out with. And, he got to see that my bike light is actually NOT functioning properly and it is NOT due to my crazy head. Not that he truly doubts me - but he gets that cute curl to the corner of his smile that tells me he doubts...

My stooopid leg really hurt this morning. Hamstring crap-ola. I read on that my ice and stretch routine was NOT in any way the better thing for this injury. Heat needs to be applied to get blood flowing to this under fed group of muscles, and I need to "back off and let it heal."

Enter: Aggressive Taper Week

I will not be doing any exercise this week. Prior to our half marathon in May, I was extremely ill with the stomach flu. I didn't exercise a lick - and was okay - got a nice little PR, even. So, here is sit in happy hopefulness. My last 10 miler was 4 weeks ago, but many bike rides and even a brick since then. I think I'll be okay. I plan to run smart, take the first half easier than I want to and walk the aid stations.

Here's to a week of sleeping in until 7am and eating more than 50% of my calories in carbs!

Oh...and to school starting tomorrow...

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  1. Ahhh, sleeping in and eating lots of carbs...enjoy this! Hope your leg feels better!