Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blessing Hands

I've been talking to the Lord lately about my concerns, of course. I wonder if he's tired of my whining, or what, because yesterday I got blessings poured out like crazy!

I had a visitor around lunch time that brought some games and puzzles that her children were done with. Very nice, as this lady lives on the other side of town. Also, we've had some super-duper hot days and the children have had to stay indoors. Perfect timing for new games and puzzles!

Later, as I was making dinner, another kind woman stopped by with some fresh produce from her garden! This is the second bushel (no, really I'll bet there was a bushel of them) of green beans she's brought in a week! She also brought some wonderful beets and some dill worms in an ice cream bucket for the kids to watch. Last summer, she brought those dill worms and the kids were so impressed with how they changed into butterflies!

As if that wasn't enough - I rushed off to a meeting after supper and the hostess gifted me with yet MORE food! She and her husband began a restricted diet, so we were blessed with string cheese, Colby Jack, Swiss, and Cream Cheese! Oh, and a package of hot dogs!! My daughter couldn't wait for lunch the next day and ate one cold, right away.

Okay, okay, THEN...I'm expecting a little boy in daycare the end of July. His regular provider will be on maternity leave so I'll have him for 6 to 8 weeks. I've been really looking forward to the end of the month - money is getting tight. She contacted me yesterday and he'll be here sooner than expected! PRAISES!!

I don't know why I ever worry. I guess its because I still think that I'm the bomb, that I'm in charge, that I have control, that my budget will work, that my money management skills will keep this boat afloat. I forget that He has this all worked out, that He knew how this summer would pan out long ago. That He won't leave us hungry or wanting. Thank God.

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