Thursday, May 26, 2011

Legs and Confession

I was doing an abs workout this morning when I looked down to notice that someone else's legs had been stuck on my body. These legs look less like my Play-dough "snakes" and more like appendages with actual muscle. Amazing. I spend considerable time being disappointed with various body parts - today I'm going to be proud of my legs!

Time for the confession: I'm scared to death of being old and sick. Moreover, I'm really scared of the "C" word. Confidentially, I've been researching the use of Baking Soda to increase the alkalinity of the body in order to combat our acidic environment. There is some thought out there as to that being a major cause of cancer.

And so, don't laugh...but I've been taking 1/4tsp of baking soda mixed with water each morning to increase my body's alkalinity. I guess I figured that it couldn't hurt. And anyway, laugh if you want. I've seen what cancer does to a body and I am willing to do anything to prevent that.

I exercise to keep my body systems healthy. I want to loose these last 15lbs to prevent heart disease (these last ones are ALL stuck on my belly = greater risk). I try to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables to make sure I get all of my lycopene, calcium, vitamins, etc. I stay away from lab created foods and additives.

And I pray.

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  1. I hear you!! Lots of ways to try to avoid it.. Avoid GMO's, plastics.. chemicals. Learn to make as much of you food as you can. Pray.. In the end we are in God's hands.