Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all of my compatriots. We had a wonderfully busy day and now I am waiting for my wonderful husband to bring home Mongolian Beef from the little Chinese restaurant up the street.

I started the day with a dose of Insanity. Today was Day 1 of this extreme home fitness program. You can read about it if you want in my other blog - Mortonpixie and Insanity. Our church service was absolutely wonderful this morning. Our pastor taught on The Model Mother out of Proverbs 31. I guess I always sort of know that I'm important and hold our family together - but Pastor Aaron really put it in a way I could understand it. I felt so uplifted and encouraged!

And on to the reason for the day. As our 12yo son pointed out, if it wasn't for him - I wouldn't be a Mother. Kids...

This is Susan (age 3), Alahnnah (age 9), Cameron (age 2), and Liam (age 12). We were at Dairy Queen last night when I snapped this picture. These four "Angels" are the most challenging and rewarding thing I tend to. Yes, it's thankless. No, there is no monetary compensation, no sick days, down time, or much appreciation. But on any given day there is joy.

Today I kept score at Alahnnah's volleyball game, watched Liam learn to play baseball, helped Susan put her shoes on the right feet, and rejoiced when Cameron went down the slide on his own. Yesterday I watched as the older 3 received awards at church for memorizing God's word and delighted in their smiles as they played games.

One thing that I took away from the church message today, was that I need to toil more joyfully. I get caught up in the daily doings and get away from the little things. I resolve to quit that. :)

Life is good!

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