Friday, April 15, 2011

Week Wrap Up

I have had a bunch of things running around in my mind this week - but no time to write. From the feelings evoked by seeing the crucifixion of Christ re-enacted by my church family, to thoughts of putting my training miles to good use and running for a charity. I've started my older children on next years books (they blew through this years) and my youngest child has regressed all the way back to getting in bed with me around 4am. Or screaming and waking up the whole house...refusing to be reasoned with.

I've had a head cold, ran my longest training run since my knee injury, and consumed more in the way of junk food that usual. Today, I took some cough syrup during nap time and fell asleep on the couch. I woke up when hubby walked in, grabbed my gym bag and tried to go swim some drills. I bonked out at 750 yards, a little more than half of what I wanted to do.

So, not really on the top of my game this week. I will admit, my 9 mile run on Tuesday was the BOMB. The weather was perfect, I was properly hydrated and fueled, I paced myself a little on the slow side, and despite the every other mile snot rocket, I felt good about it. One more long one, then nothing major til the Half on May 1st.

No more long distance training for a couple of months. I want to do another Half marathon the first week of September - but that shouldn't be a problem if I can train July and August. I will be glad when we can go back to long runs on the weekends. Doing them on Tuesday works with hubby's work schedule, but there is no time for a nap or proper recovery on the weekdays. You would think that 4 kids is a lot to take care of on any day...until you have 6 Tuesday through Friday.

Lots and lots of things to think about. I'm reading a new book called Running on Empty. So far, it seems to be about a guy who went wonko when his young wife died of cancer and proceeded to make a mess of his social life by running as far as he could as fast as he could as often as he could. I hear it gets better and is quite inspiring. I'll let you know.

Onward with the weekend. More to come on the fundraising. There's a great organization that recently sponsored a run that I'd like to start working with. I sent them an email to see what they think. I run anyhow - may as well do it for a reason. We'll see what they say...maybe they will want a faster runner to represent them! Ha, ha, ha!!

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  1. Great week! Thank you for thinking about turning your running into a plan to help raise money for a great cause!