Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Not Perfect - Forgiven

What a day.

What a night.

Anyone with children can testify that some days are just a bust. Last night, Susan was a real pill about 2:30 am. She hollered and fussed and woke Cameron up (all because she finally decided she wanted her PJ's on after I had conceded to let her sleep in her clothes!). After Dave and I both attempted to bribe, beg, and threaten her back to sleep, we went out and closed the door - leaving her to immediately decide that she was to tired for all of that.

At 4:30 am, my Tuesday alarm went off. Duh... In previous in-climate weather, I had been holed up in the local YMCA using the treadmill to train for my upcoming Half Marathon. Weather is better now = why is my alarm still set!?

A little before 5:00, it seems a thunder storm rolled through. I would not have noticed, except for our 9 year old made me aware. Poor kid - she likes to sleep with a window cracked, and the mini blinds were slapping against the window in the wind. I directed her to the couch and rolled over to get some more Z's.

About 6:00 our 23mo old son woke up for his usual morning Mommy snuggle time. Only today, Daddy was working 8-5, so all three of us got to share sheets.

At 6:30, David's alarm went off and by that time the sun was up. I have a 7:00 alarm set so that I am dressed and ready for the 7:30 arrival of the sweet little boy that I watch...so essentially I should have gotten up at 5 and been productive instead of lazing about!

I can deal with one night of ridiculousness. It's a day full of it that follows that really drives me nuts. Miss Alahnnah did not have a nice day. She fussed, she cried, she whined, she died her Barbie's hair with lipstick.


Did I mention that I have the best husband ever? When he came home, I had dinner ready. We ate, and I escaped to appease my inner Yogi. What a salve for my bones and for my soul. Just the time that I was able to be away from "things" was invaluable. I talked to God, asked him to bless the time and restore my body.

He did.

When I went up to pray with Miss A tonight, she asked God to forgive her for the way she acted today. Her eyes lit up when I told her that she was instantly forgiven. We talked about how God keeps no records of wrongs. How we could all start over with a clean slate tomorrow.

How much God loves her. How much I love her. No matter what.

Now, if we can all get a solid nights sleep - there's hope that tomorrow will be better. And if not...well, at least we are forgiven!


  1. Tired, but forgiven. Given the choice between the two: I prefer the later.

  2. Love that despite a yucky day, God showed you a way to love and teach HIs love lesson to Missie A. Praise God for His mercies that are new every morning and that He casts our sins away; as far as the east is from the west. :oD

  3. The part about Miss A was heart warming.