Friday, April 1, 2011

Fantastic Friday

My daughter, Alahnnah, just about couldn't handle today being April Fool's Day. If ever there was a holiday for that girl - this is it! My requirement is that the pranks have to be "nice", not include food-esque items passed off for food, and they can't lie. She had a fun day. I think she may have even had her Daddy fooled that she found a "real" mouse in the flour!

Great day today. Had a moment that made me grin... Right after lunch, I always change diapers and help kiddos use the potty. You win some and you loose some. Today, I lost. Stinky messes all around. After I cleaned and napped them all, I went downstairs to retrieve the couch cover that was drying and passed my son's room. He needed his guitar tuned - the fancy electronic tuner wasn't working right with the laundry going nearby. That done, I went upstairs and helped Alahnnah with her math.

That variety of multi-tasking really made me laugh.

Tonight was our 9yo daughter's first volley ball practice. I happened to start chatting with another home schooling, Bible believing Momma. Her 9yo was the youngest of 7 and she had been home schooling for 17 years! Theresa was a very nice lady who let me talk like the isolated Momma that I am. Somehow we got talking and I even shared a little of my testimony with her. I tried to control my chatting...I know I can talk a Blue Streak.

Workout today was The 3-mile Challenge on my Walk Away the Pounds DVD. Our Friday Fitness Class had 11 participants tonight! It's such a blessing to see people coming to the church on a Friday to do a little moving. Boy, we stepped it up a notch tonight! The 2-mile Brisk Walk was sort of hard to get a good workout from, but this one got 'er done. I used some hand weights to up the intensity and was pleased with the sweaty results.

Tomorrow, I'm going to try to do some speedwork. I haven't done any for about a month while trying to heal up my knee.

Prayers appreciated!

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  1. Glad they had fun on April Fool's Day! I'm so glad you are enjoying your various roles being a great mom. I couldn't be prouder!